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27 May 2024 -
Join us on discord!

Join us on discord!

17 May 2024 -
Server will be launching on 5/24/24 at 1:00 PM UTC.

Server will be launching on 5/24/24 at 1:00 PM UTC.

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Most powerful guilds

Straight Outta Carlin

5 kills

0 kills
Welcome to RetrOT
Last joined us: Pixi, player number 416. Welcome and wish you a nice game!
Currently, the best player on the server is: Sdmax (Level 142). Congratulations!
Server motd: Welcome to RetrOT! Join us on discord at:
Free Houses: 851
Rented Houses: 10
Accounts in database: 246
Players in database: 388
Banned accounts: 2
Guilds in database: 8
17.5.2024 -
Server Launching 5/24/24 at 1:00 PM UTC.

Dear Adventurers,

We are thrilled to announce RetrOT, the revival of our beloved MorgarOT server. We have decided to embrace the old-school charm by going back to protocol 7.72, with numerous enhancements to improve your experience.



RetrOT brings back the essence of Tibia with a mid-low rate server to ensure long-lasting adventures. We have carefully modified the server to enhance the old-school feel and longevity, providing a balanced and enjoyable experience for all players.

Frags Information

  • Pz lock: 1 minute
  • White skull duration: 15 minutes
  • Daily frags for red skull: 3
  • Weekly frags for red skull: 5
  • Monthly frags for red skull: 10
  • Red skull duration: 7 days
  • Daily frags for banishment: 6
  • Weekly frags for banishment: 10
  • Ban time: 3 days

Houses Information

  • Rent charged weekly (rent charged from bank)
  • Guild halls can only be owned by guild leaders

Guilds Information

  • Level 30 needed to create a guild


  • Open PvP
  • Real Tibia 7.72 map
  • Free premium
  • All quests up to 7.72 fully functional
  • Dedicated host 24/7 in Canada to provide decent ping to both EU and NA
  • Auto item stacking: EX Moving gold into a container will stack it with other gold coins
  • Online trainers: Paladins can buy an infinite training spear with 3 attack, all other ammunition is NOT infinite / Magic Level trainer & Rune Maker included in client
  • Corpse loot messages
  • Spells are automatically learnt
  • Virtual bank system via talkactions: "!deposit", "!withdraw", "!balance", "!transfer"
  • Increased experience from party sharing with different vocations
  • Wings, auras, & addons enabled
  • No soul needed to conjure items
  • Refiller NPC in all depots that sells backpacks of runes, life & mana fluids
  • Loot buyer NPC in all depots: Able to sell loot by saying "sell all"
  • Gold from selling to NPCS goes automatically to bank
  • NPCs automatically deduct gold from bank
  • Instantly convert gold coins into platinum coins, and platinum coins into crystal coins by right-clicking
  • Able to conjure runes without blank runes on hand (player must still have them in backpack)
  • Faster mana regen
  • Gold from loot automatically deposited to bank
  • Shared experience automatically activated when creating a party
  • Max 3 MC allowed
  • Double charges from conjured runes
  • Houses automatically cleaned after 14 days of inactivity
  • Autoattack trainers upon reconnection incase of kicks
  • Gold drop rate increased
  • Faster monster respawns
  • Stackable potions
  • Stackable runes
  • Supply stash
  • Task system
  • Quivers

Experience Stages

  • Level [1 - 9] Multiplier: 20x
  • Level [10 - 14] Multiplier: 15x
  • Level [15 - 19] Multiplier: 10x
  • Level [20 - 24] Multiplier: 5x
  • Level [25 - 29] Multiplier: 3x
  • Level [30+] Multiplier: 1.5x


  • Loot rate: 1x
  • Skill rate: 2x
  • Magic rate: 2x

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