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  • !buyhouse - Stand infront of a house looking at the door and use this command to buy a house
  • !uptime - Shows server uptime (restarts every server save)
  • !kills - Shows information about kills
  • !serverinfo - Shows information for server / current experience stage
  • !sellhouse - Stand inside your house while the buying player stands outside infront of the door to initiate a trade to sell your house
  • !online - Shows current players online
  • !leavehouse - Stand inside your house and use this command to leave it
  • !balance - Can be used to show current bank balance
  • !transfer player, amount - Can be used to transfer money to a player
  • !deposit amount or all - Can be used to deposit money into bank
  • !withdraw amount - Can be used to withdraw gold from bank
  • !flask on/off - Can be used to toggle automatic deletion of vials
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